• Columbus Day Observed

    When: October 12th, 2015


* For more information on any of the following events, please call 461-5001, ext 426.

Annual Rehab Reunion

Each year over 350 former patients, their families and key Lake Taylor staff get together to celebrate their recoveries, catch up on the past year’s progress and enjoy good food, good music and good times.

It’s just another way Lake Taylor forms lasting relationships with its patients and continues to build an important and meaningful presence in the community.

Lake Taylor Talks Health Care Issues

To reserve a speaker and start a more exciting agenda for your next meeting, please call 757-461-5001, ext. 475.

Keep your organization on top of the latest in news and information on health care and how it affects patients, families and our community. The Lake Taylor Speaker’s Bureau offers:

  • The latest, specialized information on health issues
  • Improved community awareness about important concerns
  • Topics including preventive and rehabilitative medicine
  • Day and evening presentations available
  • Meeting space for groups of 10 to 100 in size
  • Audio/visual equipment included

Just a Few of Our Complimentary Speaker’s Bureau Topics:

  • Legal Ease – Understanding Power of Attorney, Advance Directives, DNRs and Wills
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? – How will I pay for Health Care?
  • The Changes that Affect You – Legislative Updates on Health Care Issues
  • When is it Okay to Forget? Dispelling Myths About Aging and Alzheimer’s
  • Pick a topic – What matters most to your group?
  • Custom talks are always a hit