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The objective of the LTTCH Recreation department is to provide pleasant and rewarding programs in a safe and comfortable environment. In addition, we provide physician ordered recreation therapy services which contribute to the improved functioning and independence of the patient.

Program Components, What and Why

  1. Crafts: Drawing, painting and various craft activities provide not only a sense of accomplishment and creativity, but also help to improve coordination and dexterity.
  2. Community reentry outings: Outings provide relief from routine and are fun. Trips to the mall, the movies and to local baseball games in our 10 passenger wheelchair bus are highlights on the monthly calendar. It allows the resident the opportunity to reconnect with the community.
  3. Games: Puzzles, board games and BINGO are available for patients to enjoy. Again, fun and social interaction are the major benefits.
  4. Exercise: The department offers a daily exercise program for patients or residents whose schedule and physical condition allows it. Exercise provides an opportunity for the patient to maintain or increase strength and endurance.
  5. Raised bed gardening: Our raised bed gardens are very popular in the summertime when residents and patients plant and tend to vegetables, herbs and flowers. It is a unique form of therapy and relaxation. This allows many to continue a lifelong hobby while in the facility.
For more information about the recreation department, please call 461-5001, ext 432.

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